Mike Lempriere

16-Jul-2001, v1.6

What it does:
linkchk goes out to the Internet and fetches the page of the given URL. It then tests all the links on that page, and reports back. It will automatically recursively test all pages pointed to by "local" links on that page (see below).

linkchk is a Perl script written entirely by Mike Lempriere from scratch. It may not be perfect, but hopefully it won't do anything wrong, or bad. It was written explicitly for the purpose of testing my own fairly extensive website, but there's no reason others can't use it.

Please don't abuse this application -- it does take a fair amount of CPU on my server and a huge amount of bandwidth on my DSL line. When you use it, be sure to save the report page, so that you can fix all the reported links, before re-running the app.

Feedback is encouraged: send email to mikel or visit the linkchk home page at:

Try out linkchk.

1.4 (14-Jul-1999) is the initial public release. Future revisions will be tracked here.

1.5 (18-Aug-1999) Fixed to properly handle local named links, eg. <a href="#marker">.

1.6 (16-Jul-2001) Trying to track down bogus 404 errors. 1.7 (18-Aug-2001) Taught it to do http/1.1.