mail handling statistics (since midnight)

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MailStat vernum: 1.58
Time now: Tue Sep 22 13:54:13 2020
Total events (in/out/deferred/etc): 606920
Incoming: 610
Rejected with return value: 5535
Rejected unknown recipients: 170
Rejected by greylist: 0
Number of incoming Outhouse nomination ACKs: 0
Number of incoming originating locally: 104
Total blown off as bogus: 5705
Total incoming from outside world, excluding Outhouse nomination ACKs: 506
Percentage of external incoming email that was rejected: 1127%
Accepted: 839
Percentage of email attempts accepted: 137%
Relay via our secondary mailserver "brix\.vintners\.net": 0
TLS connections: 12409
Blocklists currently checked: 0

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