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Blackwood Canyon Vintners
53258, N. Sunset PR NE, Benton City, WA 99320
Phone: 509-588-6249, Fax: 509-588-5195

[Label collection: Beth Schoenberg]
  • Tours: Yes
  • Tasting room: 10am-6pm, daily
  • email: click to email (winery)
  • BW-WA-106; bonded 1982
  • Owners: Mike Moore
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Winery building
Me with Chip & Abbie
Blackwood Canyon 1986 Semillon label
Blackwood Canyon Windy River label
Blackwood Canyon 1986 Pinnacle label
Me with Chip&Abbie
1986 Semillon label
Windy River label
Pinnacle label
Production: (1995) 100k gallon
Vineyards: 68 acres on Red Mountain

Blackwood Canyon Vintners is the artistic output of Mike Moore. A U.C. Davis alum, Mike moved to the Northwest early in his career, and established the winery (1982). The winery burned down in Oct. 1985, and Mike, undaunted, proceeded to rebuild from the ground up.

I've had a report that the phone, fax, and email are no longer answered (16-Jun-2005).
Sources: [the winery]

Mike Taylor Moore

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