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Bonair Winery - Wines

The Wines: (Spring 1996)

Bonair Winery produces small lots of premium Washington State wines. The latest equipment and technology are combined with traditional wine-making methods to ensure varietal characteristics. The winery expects to produce a consistently excellent product while emphasizing the difference of each unique vintage.

Chardonnay: N.V., Yakima Valley, Reserve

Riesling: Barrel Fermented Dry Riesling: Johannisberg

Cabernet Sauvignon: Non vintage

Cabernet Sauvignon: Morrison Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon: Puryear Estate

Nouveau Rouge:

Sunset: [blush; a proprietary blend with mystical properties]

Bonnie Bonair:

Other wines such as late harvest and sparkling wines are available from time to time at the winery. All wines are bottled in traditional containers and cork finished. The label is the work of designer David Lund. It pictures Chateau Puryear, which was designed and built by Gail and Shirley in 1980. Mt. Adams is in the background.

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