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Caroway Vineyards [defunct]
P.O. Box 6273, Route 2, Box 2548, Kennewick, WA 99336

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In 1980, Carol and Wayne Miller planted a 40 acre vineyard on Horse Heaven Hills. 1983 they started their own winery in order to ensure use of the crop from their vineyard as the grape growers of Washington had produced more grapes than the cumulative wineries could handle. The winery production was about 1k cases. The winery did not have a consistent release each year, their vineyard commitments to other wineries were filled first, than any surplus would be handled at the Caroway facility.

As quoted by a cousin:

My cousins Wayne and Carol originally started the winery as a "hobby". When it got to be more than work than fun they decided to no longer make wine, but continued to grow grapes and sell them.

Hogue Cellars bought a lot of their grapes and they bottled a champagne under the label Crystal Peak. Hogue still buys grapes along with numerous other wineries, including Barnard Griffin - they actually even list on their label the grapes from Caroway vineyards.

As far as I can tell, this winery was defunct by the late 1980's.
Sources: [WWAN-Meredith]

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