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Cascade Cellars Winery [defunct]
1211 2nd St., Marysville, WA 98270
Phone: 206-659-9858

[Label collection: Beth Schoenberg, courtesy Steve Foisey]
  • BW-WA-66; bonded 1981
  • Owners: Gary & Carol Bradley, Roger & Sue Brooks, Grant & Diane Anderson
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Consulting Enologist: Cheryl-Barber Jones

In May 1981, Gary and Carol Bradley visited the old Snohomish Valley Winery, a fruit and berry wine producer in Marysville and learned the business was for sale. By the end of the year they bought the winery from the ~50 shareholder syndicate along with their Tacoma friends Roger and Sue Brooks and Grant and Diane Anderson.

In March 1982 they reopened under the new name of Cascade Cellars, discarding the remaining stock of 1,500 gallons of sweet wines and making dry vinifera wines.

Roger Brooks was the winemaker, with consulting enologists Ron Vuylsteke (owner of Oregon's Oak Knoll Winery) and Cheryl-Barber Jones.

Closed 1986.
Sources: [TWCoW-Holden] [Foisey]

Roger Brooks
Ron Vuylsteke
Cheryl-Barber Jones

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