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Champs de Brionne Winery [defunct]
P. O. Box 875, Edmonds, WA 98020

Champs De Brionne 1985 Chardonnay label
[label source: Beth Schoenberg]
  • BW-WA-105
  • Owners: Vince & Carol Bryan, Michael ?
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Although the business address is Edmonds, the winery itself was in the town of George, WA. On the same property there is a really incredible natural ampitheater, with a summer series of concerts. I gather it was used for local acts, until in 1985(?), this turned to national act shows, drawing massive caravans of people from Seattle and environs. In those early years, one could buy all the wine one wished at the winery to consume at the concert. I would presume due to a BATF directive, this was changed briefly to a policy of "your entry ticket allows you to buy one bottle of wine" and they'd punch your ticket. This policy did not last long (I believe only a concert or two) -- the concerts are now dry.

Apparently at some time they had a tasting room in the North Cascades Bavarian-theme town Leavenworth.

It was owned by Vince and Carol Bryan, in partnership with Michael ?, a surgeon. Their Consulting Enologist was Clay Mackey. The winery was on a vineyard back up the hill from the Gorge, however I don't believe this was an estate winery.

At some point in the wineries history, they wanted to get a sign put up near I-90, which is illegal (no alcohol ads on freeways). They cleverly got around this by changing the name of the road the exits to, to Champs de Brionne Winery Road, thus getting their name on the exit sign.

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