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Directions to China Bend Vineyard
Set your GPS destination to: Lat=48.8642, Long=-118.8968
MicrosSoft TerraServer satellite view of China Bend.

I won't mince words, this winery is a long way out! Even from the nearest notable city, Spokane, it takes long enough that this is the only winery you will visit that day. There are two ways to go; one very long, the other even longer, but much more scenic. I'll address them seperately in detail below.

Bear in mind that I-90 may close at Snoqualmie Pass during the Winter, but seldom for more than a day at a time. Chains/snow tires are often required from October through February. Also bear in mind that the North Cascades Highway is only open for about 3 months in the Summer. Check the WSDOT Mt. Pass pages before leaving.

Driving From West (Seattle):

    Faster route via I-90:
  1. Get on I-90 going east. Drive for about 280 miles to Spokane.
  2. Take off at exit 281 (Division St./ SR-395).
  3. After about 6 miles, stay left with SR-395.
  4. After about 76 miles (no, we're still not there yet), stay right with SR-395, northbound.
  5. After 3.4 miles, Right onto Twin Bridge Road.
  6. After 2.7 miles, stay Right on Northport Flat Creek Road.
  7. Somewhere around here it becomes a dirt road.
  8. (After about 20 miles?), Right into driveway (at sign).
  9. As I recall the driveway takes you another mile down the hill to field for overflow parking.
    Scenic route via North Cascades Highway:
  1. Go North on I-5 about 60 miles to exit 229 (the town of Burlington).
  2. Exit to SR-20 going east.
  3. Plan on stopping at the several scenic pullouts along the way -- they are stunningly beautiful!
  4. After about 170 miles (from Burlington) you're in Omak. (Somewhere in the last dozen miles, SR-20 became SR-215.) Go left onto SR-97 (Northeast).
  5. After 22 miles, Right onto SR-20 (again).
  6. After 39 miles, Left in the town of Republic (stay with SR-20).
  7. After 2.6 miles, stay right with SR-20.
  8. After about 36 miles, Left onto SR-395 (northbound).
  9. Follow "Faster route" directions from step 5.

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