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Dear Friends,
    the Holiday Season is here, and we have some delicious selections and special prices which are ideal for your Dining, Entertaining, and Gift Giving pleasure.  Our Award Winning wines and food products are attractively packaged and would be perfect at the table or under the tree.
Order Now!  We will ship Direct to you or to that special  someone on your list!
Package #1:  China Bend All Stars:       Reg. $65  Special Price $55!
                                ~2000 Marechal Foch Reserve
                                ~2001 Estate Reserve Chardonnay
                                ~Royal Raspberry Dessert Wine
Package #2:  China Bend Super Reds:     Reg.  $95  Super Special Price $75!!!
                                ~1999 Yakima Valley Reserve Merlot
                                ~1999 Yakima Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
                                ~2000 Marechal Foch Reserve
Package #3:  Yakima Valley Trio:          Reg.  $67  Special Price $55!
                                ~2000 Chardonnay
                                ~2000 Cabernet Franc
                                ~1999 Cabernet Sauvignon
Package #4:  Dessert Wine & Chocolate:      Reg.  $36.00  Special Price $32!
                                ~Royal Raspberry Dessert Wine
                                ~Very Cherry Dessert Wine
                                ~Two Truffle Bars by Seattle Chocolates
Package #5:  Victory's Wine & Dine:     Reg.  $33.50  Special Price  $30!
                                ~2001 Victory Red Wine
                                ~Victory's Organic Pasta Sauce
                                ~Organic Pasta
Package #6:  Victory's Honey Sweetened Organic Jams:  Special Price  $18!
                                ~Huckleberry Jam ~ 9oz
                                ~Apricot Jam ~ 9oz
                                ~Raspberry Jam ~ 9oz
Package #7:  Victory's Gourmet Variety:   Special Price $25!
                                ~Victory's Famous "Dilly" Beans ~ 16oz
                                ~Victory's Special Salsa ~ 16 oz (Mild, Medium, Extra Hot, or Corn)
                                ~Victory's "Baby" Dills ~ 16 oz
                                ~Victory's Pickled Garlic ~ 9oz
    You may also custom design any combination of our products and we will give you a special price!   See our website for a full list of our products. 
Order now for timely delivery!
Happy Holidays and Many Blessings
from all of us at China Bend!