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Cloud Orchard Winery [defunct]

  • BW-WA-140; bonded: 1988; first vintage: 1981
  • Owners: Jim Koenig
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Production: (1994) 83 cases
Vineyards: none (fruit wines from estate orchards)

In 1981, Jim Koenig bought an old 5 acre orchard on Vashon Island. He decided to try making use of the orchard's crop by making fruit wines as a hobby, and was quite successful at it. After a few years, he decided to get serious about this hobby, and to try making it into a business, bonding in 1988. He produced several fruit wines: blackberry, raspberry, and cherry wines, as well as the winemaker's favorite, a sulfite free rhubarb wine.

In June 1994, he closed down the business. Reasons cited were the cost of quality cooperage, and state bureaucracy and fees levied, which made it impossible for Cloud Orchard to continue as a business.
Sources: [early 1996 phone interview with winemaker]

Jim Koenig 1981-1994

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