MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Cascade Ridge Wine Cellars - Wines Fall 1998

The Wines: (Spring 1998)
1995 Merlot
This first offering of Merlot is packed with fresh fruit flavors, nicely enhanced by the use of French oak in the aging process. Tight structure and clean flavors are the trademark of the cooler Columbia Valley growing conditions.

1996 Cabernet Sauvignon
This one is a favorite of mine, straight ahead Cabernet fruit flavor from Otis and Sagemoor vineyards, blended with Cabernet Franc to lighten and brighten. Floral, herbal and berry notes in the nose only hint of the concentration of flavor that comes from a short barring harvest.
1997 Chardonnay
A blend of grapes from the cooler upper ends of the Columbia valley, the flavors are delicate and clean with hints of honeysuckle and melon. The growing sites each show the distinct flavors of the terroir from wich the grapes cames.

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