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E. B. Foote Winery

The Wines: (Summer 1997)


1995 Chardonnay:
From Wine Enthusiast Magazine (Silver medal) [issue ?]
Bright pale straw color. Moderately light-bodied. Balanced acidity. Moderately extracted. Mildly oaked. Toast, minerals, yeast. Crisp and very focused on the palate with an angular flinty character. Subtle overlay of oak and a zesty finish.
Varietal: Chardonnay; Appellation: Columbia Valley; Vineyards: Conner-Lee; Cases produced: 141; TA: 0.71, pH: 3.44, Alc., 12.8%; RS: 0.12%, Brix: 23; Harvest: 7-Oct-1995; Bottled: 17-Aug-1996; Released: 14-Sep-1996.
1994 Cabernet-Merlot: Silver medal, Central Washington State Fair [which ?]
Winemaker notes: Rich and full-bodied with plum, black cherry and chocolate character. Moderate, soft tannin. Gentle spicy flavor carries on to the lively, complex finish.
Varietal: 90% Cabernet, 10% Merlot; Appellation: Columbia Valley; Vineyards: Conner-Lee; cases produced: 125; TA: 0.60, pH: 3.48, alcohol: 13.8%, 0.24%; Harvest: 1-Oct-1994, 24-Sep-1994; Bottled: 31-Aug-1996; Released: 1-May-1997.

1993 Cabernet Sauvignon:
Bronze medal, Wine Enthusiast magazine [issue ?]
Bronze medal, Seattle Enological Society [date ?]
Winemaker notes: Medium-bodied, enjoyable Cabernet with great balance and sense of harmony between cherry and herb flavors. Oak accents and moderate tannins round out this wine. Ecellent food wine. Varietal: 51% 1993 Graves Cabernet, 35% 1993 Conner-Lee Cabernet, 10% 1993 Conner-Lee Merlot, 4% 1994 Conner-Lee Cabernet; Cases produced 390; TA: 0.64, pH: 3.59, alcohol 12.6%, RS: 0.20%; Harvest: 24,27,31-Oct-1993; Bottled: 15-Apr-1995; Released: 1-Nov-1995.

1995 Pinot Noir:
Silver medal, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Bronze medal, Central Washington State Fair
Winemaker notes: A light, finesseful wine with forward cherry and fruit and hints of pepper. Aged in older French oak barrels to allow fruit to peek through subtle layers of oak. This versatile wine accompanies salmon, chicken, duck, or veal dishes.
Varietal: Pinot Noir; Vineyard: La Center; Cases produced 67; TA: 0.63, pH: 3.48, alcohol 12.3%, RS: 0.13, Brix: 21%; Harvest: 15-Oct-1995; Bottled: 10-Aug-1996; Released: 1-Nov-1996.

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