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The Wines: (Winter 1997)
1995 Pepper Bridge Vineyard Syrah
"Best of Show" PNW Enological Society, Aug-1997

Rusty says:
A first for our appellation. I planted the vineyard when I was working for Pepper Bridge, so I am quite attached to the fruit that it yields. Very plummy and peppery, with a good measure of cola nut thrown in, owing to its final months aging in Oregon oak. Its proportions are actually 76% Syrah, 19% Cinsault (only found in Walla Walla) and 5% Grenache Noir. A complex wine, all in all, that rewards the taster at every turn! I cannot speak more highly of the Syrah grape. It will fast become a notable addition to our state's viticultural complexion. My brother Gary tried this wine side-by-side with a 1994 Chapoutier Hermitage and proclaimed it "As good, if not better" than its French counterpart. A flattering estimation considering the high esteem I have for the best properties of the Northern Rhone.
Appellation: Walla Walla; Vineyard: Pepper Bridge; Varietal: 76% Syrah, 19% Cinsault, 5% Grenache Noir;

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