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The Wines: (Spring 1996)

1995 Fume Chardonnay: This wine, our third release, is both complex and appealing. Clean and crisp with abundant fruit, this wine has extraordinary depth and balance. Bright fruit flavors from the Sauvignon Blanc mingle harmoniously with the round complexity of barrel fermented Chardonnay, yielding a wine that is perfect as an aperitif or when served with salads, light cheeses, grilled poultry or pasta with cream sauces.
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc: 63%, Chardonnay: 37%
Vineyards: Sagemoor Farms: 37%, Horizon's Edge: 5%, Willard Farms: 14%, Ciel du Cheval: 6%, Hyatt Vineyard: 38%
Winemaker: Pat Henderson
Release Date: February 16, 1996
Harvest Data: TA: 6.9 G/Liter; pH: 3.36; RS: 0.41%; Alcohol: 13%
Production: 14,800 cases (750 ml)

1993 Red Mountain Reserve White Wine: An exotic and unusual wine, this blend of Sauvignon Blanc and barrel fermented Chardonnay is rich with a long, lingering finish. Extremely well balanced and full flavored, it is excellent with grilled white meats, fresh salads or by itself as an elegant sipping wine.
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc: 74%, Chardonnay: 26%
Winemaker: Brian Carter
Release Date: December 1, 1995
Harvest Data: TA: 6.20 G/Liter; pH: 3.54; RS: 0.2%; Alcohol: 12.8%
Vineyards: Sauvignon Blanc: Sagemoor Farms, Chardonnay: Smith Canyon, Outlook Vineyards
Production: 330 cases (750 ml), 5 bottles (3 liter), 5 bottles (5 liter), 1 bottle (18 liter), 1 bottle (27 liter)

1994 Cabernet Merlot: A five time "BEST BUY" from the WINE SPECTATOR as well as being rated the last two years in a row as one of the top 25 Red Wines in the world under $10.00, this wine is smooth and complex. Elegant and compelling, this classic Bordeaux blend is both stylish and approachable. An opulent nose of black cherry, plum and blackberry is nicely balanced by firm Cabernet Sauvignon fruit, rich Merlot flavors, and a long, lingering finish. Excellent with grilled meats, rich cheeses and pasta with red sauce. Regarded as a wine to be enjoyed immediately, Hedges Cabernet Merlot will also benefit from additional bottle aging.
--- Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon: 68%, Merlot 32%
Winemaker: Brian Carter
Release Date: July 1, 1995 Harvest Data: TA: 0.54; pH: 3.76; RS: 0.3%; Alcohol: 13.0%
Vineyards: Hedges: 5%, Sagemoor Farms: 9%, Klipsun: 6%, Mercer Ranch: 10%, Canoe Ridge: 11%, Willard Farms: 24%, Heinz: 15%, Misc. Yakima Valley: 30%
Production: 39500 cases (750 ml), 50 cases (1.5 liter)

1992 Red Mountain Reserve Red Wine: Rich, round, and complex with astonishing depth and balance, Hedges Red Mountain Reserve Red Wine is perhaps one of the best examples today of what is possible from Washington State. Grapes from the famed Red Mountain growing area along with traditional winemaking techniques, extensive barrel aging in both French and American oak yield a wine of world class calibre. Small production lots result in extraordinary quality.
--- Varietel: Cabernet Sauvignon: 75%, Merlot: 25%
Winemaker: Brian Carter
Release Date: November 1, 1995
Harvest Data: TA: 0.60%; pH 3.63; RS: 0.1%; Alcohol:13.7%
Vineyards: O'Brien: 19%, Canoe Ridge: 12%, Ciel du Cheval: 59%, Miscellaneous: 10%
Production: 709 cases (750 ml), 5 cases (1.5 liter), 5 bottles (5 liter), 1 bottle (18 liter), 1 bottle (27 liter)

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