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Hightower Cellars
19418 E. 583 PR NE, Benton City, WA 99320
Phone: 509-588-2867

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1997 Cab. label
Production: (1997) 220 cases, (1998) 350 cases
Vineyards: 10 acres on Red Mountain, 6 Cab. Sauv., 2.5 Merlot, .5 Cab. Franc, .5 Petite Verdot, .5 Malbec.
Distribution: Self distributed; McCarthy & Schiering, City Cellars, La Cantina, West Seattle Cellars; at Columbia Tower Club and El Gaucho.

Tim and Kelly met in 1996 while both working in office-type positions at Columbia Winery. They were married in 1998. Kelly got her interest in wine while in college from reading the book Plain Talk about Fine Wine, by Justin Meyer, the owner of Silver Oak Winery. Tim got the interest in the late 1980's while attending school in Paris at that time.

They've both become fascinated by the winemaking process, and have naturally gravitated more and more from the business end of the winery to the winemaking area.

Gordy Rawson of Chatter Creek Winery shared winery space with Hightower. (Interestingly, the original winery space was set up by the folks at DeLille Cellars. When DeLille moved on to their location down the valley, Matthews Cellars took it over. Gordy then joined up to share the space for about a year when making his 1996 sparklers. He then moved his winery to his home in Seattle, leaving the Hightowers the whole space.

In Winter 2002, the Hightowers purchased land on Red Mountain, and have moved their home and winery there.
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The Wines: Current releases (Winter 1999)
  • 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Fermented in small open-top containers no taller than they are wide for greater flavor extraction. Wine was in small oak barrels for 20 months.
    78% Cabernet Sauvignon from Red Mountain and Otis Vineyards; 12% Cabernet Franc from Pepper Bridge, Seven Hills and Stout Vineyards, and 10% Merlot from Stout Vineyards.

Tim Hightower 1997-present
Kelly Hightower 1997-present

Of special note:
They use all handsorted and handpicked methods to ensure only the best grapes are used. Gravity fed racking and small oak barrels contribute to their high quality.

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