The Vintner's Inn
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Spring 2003

Stogies and Savories- a planned decadence a.k.a. our  Spring Cigar Dinner will be Saturday,  March
10 at the Vintner's Inn. We light the smoking lamp at 6:30 p.m. and start off with some light hors d’oeuvres, appropriate wines, and a small gauge primo puro- if there's demand, we may run another "long ash contest" Following this attitude adjustment session, we'll get right to a cholesterol enhancing five course meal complete with appropriate libations, followed by the traditional port, cheese and cigar course, and to make sure all (or most) of your needs have been met, something rich for dessert. You'll be sated and jaded or double your arteries back and can smoke or take home some premium handmades. This is a  reservation only event, cost is $42.00 including tax and space is limited, so please  call us at 1-800-727-6702. ASAP- the reservation deadline is March 9. I guarantee you'll not find a better method of frittering way a Spring evening.

Mike Wallace, winemaker
Hinzerling Winey and the Vintner's Inn
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a winner of the 2003 Wine Select Restaurant Award