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The Wines: Current releases (Winter 1997)
A marriage of barrel fermented and non-barrel aged chardonnay culminates in this balanced, flavorful constellation of rich butterscotch, apple and nutmeg. An ideal companion to seafood, shellfish, light pasta entrees, and starry eyes.

Fume Blanc
At last, a rich, complex sauvignon blanc we believe is worthy of substituting many a chardonnay at the dinner table! Intense pineapple, honey and melon flavors with a hint of black pepper in a dry yet surprisingly smooth wine. A bit exotic; you bet! Enjoy with grilled fish, hard cheeses, or batter fried foods.

An Alsatian style early harvest (<20 brix), cool fermentation, sur-lies aging, off dry finish wine. Whole-berry pressing created this spicy and full-flavored, off-dry Gewurztraminer as a dinner wine boasting a clean, long finish. Serve chilled with light seafood or oriental cuisine.

Muscat Blanc
Another Alsatian style wine. Selected rows of muscat vines within the vineyard block are used to create this crisp, bright wine with intense flavors of citrus and roses. A refreshing companion for picnics and salads.

Johannisberg Riesling
Another Alsatian style wine. A sensory delight! Fruit in the bouquet, on the palate and in the long finish make this near-dry, balanced riesling a favorite. What a choice for chicken, pork or oriental cuisine!

Pinot Noir
Produced in a very Burgundian style, this medium-bodied pinot noir displays a focused yet elegant meld of cherry and cranberry flavors with soft tannins. Wine studies indicate pinot noir to contain one of the highest levels of reservatrol (the phenolic compound associated with the "French paradox" health phenomenon) found in red wine!

A growing favorite among wine drinkers everywhere. Supple plum and current flavors with a spicy complexity against a mildly tannic backdrop of toasted oak make our full-bodied Washington Merlot the ideal red meat wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Full, bright black cherry fruit flavors with hints of mint are complemented by oak nuances to create a rich yet very approachable cabernet, perfect for meat dinners and chocolate desserts!

Copernicus Red
Produced from Washington State Lemberger harvested at the peak of its intensity, this wine is a natural with pasta and Italian cuisine. Rich, fresh berry flavors and subtle spiciness, this wine bears the name of the astronomer who proclaimed, "The universe doesn't revolve around me, it revolves around my sun!"

Spokane's only port, created with over two years aging in thin-stave neutral French oak. Laced with vanilla and chocolate flavors, it is bottled in small lots and is always a fast sell-out! Recommend calling ahead for availability.

Late harvest Johannisberg Riesling
Apricot and honey flavors can be found in both the taste and the perfume-like bouquet. Botrytized and seductively flavorful, this dessert wine is the "nectar of the gods"! Enjoy with cheesecake, dark chocolate or over fruit; serve well chilled.

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