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Franz Wilhelm Langguth Winery [defunct]
2340 Winery Road, Mattawa, WA 99344
Phone: 509-932-4943

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The Langguth family has respected wineries on the Mosel river in Germany. In the early 1980's, with all the excitement centered around Washington state Rieslings, they decided to try their hand here, and sent one of the sons to WA with plenty of money to start a fine winery. It was opened in 1982. Jurgen Grieb, a graduate of a German winemaking institute, was brought over from Germany to be it's winemaker.

Throughout it's history, they've helped many fledgling Washington state wineries get started with custom crushes and lending of facilities.

In 1987, the Snoqualmie Falls Holding Co. (the owners of Snoqualmie Winery) bought controlling interest in the winery, and installed Mike Januik as winemaker. Since then changed name to Saddle Mountain Winery.
Sources: [AWN-Clark]

Mike Januik
Juergen Grieb

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