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Lopez Island Vineyards - Wines Summer 1998

The Wines: (Summer 1998)
Madeleine Angevine
This grape comes from northern france; it finds its ideal environment in the Puget Sound region. You will find flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruits with a hint of herbal qualities. We produce our Madeleine Angevine completely dry so as to compliment the fine seafood and shellfish of our region. Organically grown on Lopez Island.
Pronounced Zieg-ar-ray-beh, this grape was bred in Germany. Related to Gewurztraminer, it thrives in cool climate grape regions such as ours. Wonderfully aromatic, this wine bursts forth with flavors of Lychee nuts, grapefruit, flowers and spices. We produce this wine off-dry, a style that makes it good for sipping or to compliment the wonderful flavors of Asian cuisine. Organically grown on Lopez Island.
This famous grape of france finds ideal climates the world over. Our Crawford Vineyard Chardonnay is wonderfully crisp and dry. Our 100% barrel fermentation and 12 months of aging seems to bring out the flavors of pineapple and apple that is a mark of this fine vineyard and region. You won't find another region like it.
Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot:
These two varieties are blended together after 24 months of small barrel aging. Each vintage is a slightly different blend, crafted to bing out a full-bodied dry red wine that will exhibit the depth of Cabernet, and the wonderful berry flavors of Washington Merlot. The care which the Crawford family grows these grapes has brought us back to them for six years now.
This grape variety that made St. Emillon famous originated in the Bordeaux region of France. This rich vintage was aged for 24 months in small oak barrels to help mellow the wine and emphasize the soft tannins and berry flavors of 100% Washington Merlot. Flavors of smoke oak, bing cherry, bramble berry, mint and chocolate can be enjoyed with hearty meals. It can also be further aged to bring the wine to its fullest potential.
This medium dry fruity wine was produced from King, Elstar and Jonagold apples (70%) and Bosc, Bartlett and Bonnie New Jersey Pears (30%) grown in the San Juan Islands. We recommend this blend as an apertif or picnic wine enjoyed with fresh fruit and cheese. Serve slightly chilled.
This rich dessert wine was produced from 100% organic Wild Himalayan blackberries gathered on Lopez Island and the Snohomish Valley. Delicious with choclate.

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