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Lost Mountain Winery
1994 Poesia label

[Label collection: Beth Schoenberg]

Front label text:
(Vertical writing on left panel is the standard government warning.)

Lost Mountain
Poetry Series
Washington Red Wine
Produced and bottled by Lost Mountain Winery
Sequim, Washington BW-WA-82 alcohol 14.1% by volume

Rear label text:
The Waning
for our newborn
Early morning, hungry and sucking
on small knuckles, you wake me,
and through the east window
a slim moon appears in the open winter sky.

Come cold, remind me that this moment
will pass, and because I can't hold it,
I'll hold you, and laugh, as the moon
tricks me into thinking it waxes.

And you sweet Maeve,
you grow larger, brighter
as if my arms may be suddenly
too small to hold you.

Kate Reavey

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