MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Columbia Gorge

An excellent WA winetasting trip starts in or around Portland OR, and goes east and north. If you're starting in Seattle, start with the Southwestern WA trip on day 1, then this for day 2.

A half hour east of Portland, is Edgefield Manor, also the home of McMenamin's pubs. Along I-84 here are some stunning waterfalls -- be sure to stop and see them!

Continue on out to the town of Hood River. Within a few minutes drive of town are Flerchinger Vineyards and Hood River Vineyards, both wonderful fun! The town is a wind-sailor's mecca, on a windy day you'll be amazed at all the beautiful sails -- well observed from the sundeck at the Hood River Brewery where Full Sail beer is made!

Now north across the bridge to the town of Bingen (pronounced bin-jin). Right there across the bridge is Mont Elise Vineyards, one of the oldest wineries in WA state. They have an attached microbrewery now as well.

About 20 minutes out of town is Wind River Cellars, another older winery, though it has changed hands. Best to call ahead as it's a bit of an adventure, especially in the winter.

Now back to the main highway (SR-14) on the WA side, under an hours drive takes you right past Cascade Cliffs Winery. Be sure to call ahead as they do not have daily tasting room hours.

The next thing on th trip is the Maryhill Museum, an unbelievable hidden treasure, and the Stonehenge replica (click on the museum link, it has the replica too). Both of these are not to be missed!

At this point you can go either of two ways -- north to the main Yakima Valley wine route where you'll end up in the town of Toppenish (uner 2 hours), or onwards east to Columbia Crest in Paterson (under 2 hours). Be warned that there's not much in Paterson, you'll need to go from there on north to Prosser (about half an hour) or onwards east to Kennewick (about an hour and a half) or on to Walla Walla (about an hour and a half) for accomodations.

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