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The following restaurants have been recommended by other visitors to this website. Please send me email (send email to mikel) with your restaurant recommendations and a few comments about them for this area.
  • Jacoby's
    ?: An old railway station on the main road in to town (in front of Comfort Inn and Best Western). The service was pretty slow and inefficient, and the food was mediocre. However, they do make an effort to stock the wine list with the grape juice of local wineries, including LEONETTI! ($80 a bottle, not bad for a restaurant price...no we did not order any!!).
    Mike Lempriere: It was Balloon Stampede weekend AND prom night. The place was packed to the gills, we waited well over an hour just to get in. Food/menu was (at best) comparable to a Red Robin. Historic photos on the walls are really cool. On a normal night I'd bet it's quite decent.
  • Merchants Ltd
    ?: Good coffee and bakery with a nice ambience. They have an excellent selection of the local wineries as well including, when we were there a couple of weeks ago, a 1.5L bottle of Leonetti (no I did not buy it, didn't even look at the price)! Closed Sundays.
    Mike Lempriere:
    Unquestionably the most wonderful place in Walla Walla! The breakfasts are simple and wonderful -- the coffee is excellent, the wine section strongly features the area wines. This is not a swank restaurant with high prices, but instead is a warm, comfortable place to relax and warm up before hitting the road for a day of winetasting (kids are fine). You'll also be able to pick up a few bottles here from local wineries that are not open to the public as the owner is a true afficianado (and part of the local industry) himself.
  • Paizano's
    ?: Italian food, for dinner, closed Sundays.
  • ? (brewpub)

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