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Washington State Wineries on the Web

When MikeL's WA Winery Guide was originally created (1995), there were very few wineries on the web in any form. Back then, I created this page as a manually maintained list of those wineries that were on the web, with their email address, and, if they had one, their website URL.

This is no longer the case -- even (especially) the smallest wineries now seem to have their own website with email, thus this table of contact information no longer serves a useful purpose. (Especially in light of the extra work manual updates caused for me.)

Most importantly, however, it was just another place for spam-harvesting robot applications to scoop up some more innocent victims. This reason alone is sufficient for this page to be closed. This explanatory page is being left here for historical purposes.

To find a wineries web information, merely go to that wineries page in MikeL's WA Winery Guide. email addresses are included there in a non spam-harvestable form.

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