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WWC Photo contest - Apr-2000

-- Contest is concluded -- Thanks to all who participated! (results near end of page)

This year's Washington Wine Commission "Taste Washington" event included a photo session... All the represented wineries had a person in the group photo.

There's a whole pile of people in the photo -- your job is to name as many as you can.

The three entries with the highest number of correct names will receive a prize, courtesy of Vintners.Net.

  • 1st place: Dinner for four (the winner and companion, plus MikeL and his wife Beth) at the Golden Goat Italian restaurant in Woodinville, plus a bottle of wine from Perennial Vintners
  • 2nd place: a bottle of wine worth up to $35 from any WA winery whose winemaker is in the photo, plus a bottle of wine from Perennial Vintners
  • 3rd place: a bottle of wine from Perennial Vintners

Click on the photo for a larger image, and directions for entering...

Results (21-Sep-2000):
There were 8 entries made.
2 entrants were disqualified as "industry insiders".
The 1st place winner had the same number correct as I (MikeL) did initially: 16.
It was a little trickey scoring these, as there's still quite a few people in that photo that I don't know, and who were not identified by my industry friends.
The 3 winners have been notified -- thanks everyone -- it was fun!

Updated 18-Nov-2000: The First place dinner at the Golden Goat in Woodinville -- Thanks to Jeff Boswell:
Beth and Mike Kimberly and Perry

  • There will be only three winners selected. In event of matched scores, the prizes will be allocated by coin toss.
  • The winners will be notified by email. Arrangements for pickup or delivery of the prizes will be made with winner at that time.
  • Only one entry per person allowed, only one guess in that entry.
  • Contest closes 31-Jul-2000 -- entries must be submitted by email, before this time.
  • Industry insiders are welcome to submit, but we ask that they're identified as such and refrain from claiming prizes -- in other words, please be nice -- this is all intended in fun!
I hope to come up with additional contests in the future -- don't hesitate to mail me any ideas you may have for a contest:
send email to mikel

Thanks to all for participating!

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