MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Wines of WA Tasting Room Contest Rules & Entry - Dec-2002

The three entries with the highest number of correct names/wineries will receive a prize from MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries at Vintners.Net.
The prizes are:
1st A bottle of wine of your choice from the Wines of WA Tasting Room (includes free tasting for two)
2nd Free tasting for two at the Wines of WA Tasting Room, and Viticultural Winery Atlas poster
3rd T-Shirt Guide to Red Wine Stains (X-L)

Update 02-Jan-2003! Yesterday there was a Seattle Times article on the WWTR which included photos. This has changed the contest slightly. (Also, if you have already submtted an entry, read on -- you may resubmit.)

1) The printed edition of the paper (but not the web edition) includes a labelled photo of Robert Goodfriend of Harlequin Wine Cellars. In order to avoid giving some folks an unfair advantage, the points for Robert will be dropped from the contest. Worse yet, Robert is in photo #1, including his wife Elizabeth Cook, which is implied in the pairing of the photo. Thus the contest loses 2 points, not just 1 <sigh>... For those of you who have already identified them in your entries, my apologies.

2) However, the article also includes a photo of AN ADDITIONAL WINE PERSON! Identifying this person will be worth an additional point in the contest. Be sure to click on the link above and include the name of the additional person in your entry as "bonus".

3) Note! In the Times photo, do not include the person on the right in the red coat with her back to the photographer. Only name the woman to the left, facing us in the amber sweater. (Hint: she's mentioned in the article.)

4) If you have already submitted an entry, you may submit an additional entry with the name of the person in the Times photo.

When you click on the link below, you will be presented with a simple text fill-in screen that will send email to MikeL. Please fill in the form with each number, the person's name, and the winery they represent, one to a line.
(I apologize for not having it set up so that you could simply click on the people and enter their name -- I just don't spend the time to set this up right now.)
Your entry should look something like the following:
    1L     Robert Goodfriend, Harlequin Wine Cellars
    1R     Elizabeth Cook, Harlequin Wine Cellars
    2      so-n-so, another winery
    3      etc.
    4      etc.
    5L     etc.
    5R     etc.
    Bonus  etc.
Click here to fill out the email Contest entry form to MikeL. (Contest has closed -- thank you to those who entered).
(You may use the Back and Forward buttons in your browser to go back and forth between the photos page and the entry dialog while entering your submission.)

  • There will be only three winners selected. In event of matched scores, the prizes will be allocated by coin toss.
  • The winners will be notified by email. Arrangements for pickup or delivery of the prizes will be made with winner at that time.
  • Only one entry per person allowed.
  • Contest closes at 11:59:59pm PST, Sat. 11-Jan-2003.
    Entries must be submitted by the web form on the contest page, before this time.
  • The winners' name or email address will be published on the results page after the contest has closed. (Rest assured that email addresses will not be presented in a "spam harvestable" format.)
  • Industry insiders are welcome to submit, provided they identify their entries as such and bow out from claiming any prize. These will be listed in the "honorable mention" winners category. In other words, please be nice -- this is all intended in fun!
  • Scoring will be 1 point for each correctly matched name, and 1 point for a correct winery (regardless of whether the name was correct). Thus, the 7 people shown are a possible 14 points.
    02-Jan-2003: #1L & #1R have been dropped due to late addition of Seattle Times article, however "bonus" has been added, for a new total of 13 possible points.
    Points are not subtracted for incorrect guesses.
  • Prizes are provided courtesy of:
    • The Wines of Washington Tasting Room:
      Winners choice of one bottle; value up to approx. $45USD.
      Free tasting for two ($5USD each); value $10USD.
    • Delta Geographics: Atlas map; value $45USD.
    • Mike Lempriere:
      T-Shirt; value approx. $20USD (out of my own pocket).
I hope to come up with additional contests in the future -- don't hesitate to mail me any ideas you may have for a contest: send email to mikel

Thanks to all for participating!

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