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The Wines: (Spring 1996)
Oakwood Cellars produces six varietal wines; some winery reserve wines and an occasional "special". In some years the growing season produces grapes that are perfect for specialty wines. Oakwood produces high quality Semillon, bush wine and some special reserves when the conditions allow. Since special growing conditions are required, these wines are not always available. Ask us, you may be in for a special treat.

Chardonnay: This famous French grape is done in the old Burgundian style. Barrel fermented, it remains on it's yeast lees for approximately one year. Each week the barrels are swirled with a special "baton" to produce that extraordinary flavor created only by lees fining. This wine is finished dry, crisp, with buttery oak overtones. This is a special wine for Chardonnay lovers.

Riesling: This grape also originates in Germany. Oakwood Cellars produces a semi-sweet Riesling. Cold fermentation and special yeasts or Oakwoods secret to award winning wines. Rieslings are especially good with spicey foods and compliments fruit and cheese dishes as well.

Muscat Canelli: This elegant wine was made with the exceptional Muscat grape of Washington State. This grape has its own unique flavor and smeel. Prepared slightly sweet with fruit and floral overtones which is great served with spicey foods, fish or as dessert itself.

Merlot: Pronounce this one "mer-low". It is a grape from the Bordeaux area of France. This grap produces a soft, delicate red wine. Oakwood Cellars combine the best of both worlds in oak barrel aging procedures. Our Merlot is aged approximately 12 months in American oak barrels. The American oak brings out the youthful fruitiness of the Merlot grape yet the subtle complexities of the wine. This wine is excellent, even in it's youth. Bottle agin will continue to make this even a greater wine for years to come. Our Merlot compliments any red meat, cheese, pasta and is superb with fine chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon: The greatest of the French Bordeaux grapes, this varietal excell on Red Mountain. Oakwood Cellars selects only the highest quality premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which are fermented in open vats at warm temperatures to enhance flavor and deep red color. After oak barrel aging for up to two years, we finish the Cabernet as a full-bodied, complex wine. The fruitful flavor of Oakwood Cabernet is exceptional. Bottle aging will enhance this great wine. It compliments red meat, pasta, cheese and, of course, fine chocolate desserts!

Lemberger: The origin of this unusual red grape is Germany. It grows extremely well in the Yakima Valley of Washington. Lemberger vines are far more vigorous dur the growing season and excell in areas where Cabernet and Merlot cannot. A relative newcomer to the American scene, only a handful of Washington Wineries produce Lemberger as a varietal wine. Oakwood Cellars is proud to be one of these select few. Our Lemberger is fermented to produce a rich flavor and deep red color. We age Lemberger for twelve to twenty-four months in American oak barrels to accent the fruitiness of this wine. A delightful medium-bodied red wine to be enjoyed with pasta, lamb, meat and cheese dishes.

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