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Pontin del Roza
35502 N Hinzerling Rd., Prosser, WA 99350
Phone: 509-786-4449

[Label source: Beth Schoenberg]
  • Tours: No
  • Tasting room: Daily 10am-5pm, picnic area available
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  • BW-WA-99?; bonded 1984
  • Owners: Pontin family
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YVWGA member winery
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Tasting room
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Production: ? cases/year
Vineyards: ?

Beginning several centuries ago in the northwest part of italy, a wine-growing tradition was established by the Pontin (pronounced Ponteen) family. A pioneering spirit brought some of the Pontin family to the Yakima Valley over 60 years ago. Nesto Pontin's father, Angelo, immigrated to the Vakima Valley planting terraced vineyards just as his family had done for generations in Italy. Nesto and Delores expanded in the mid-50's to farm on the Roza (their present location), where they primarily grew apples.

Pontin del Roza translates roughly in Italian to mean "Pontin family farm on the Roza". The winery, founded by Scott Pontin, uses grapes grown only from "the Roza", an area of south-facing slopes along the north side of the Yakima Valley. Scott, showing business acumen and ambition at an early age, started the winery as an FFA project! (When he started making wine, he was legally underage.) Scott has continued his family legacy, one that came from the many generations of French and Italian heritage.
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Scott Pontin
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