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Salishan Vineyards
35011 North Fork Road, La Center, WA 98629
Phone: 360-263-2713

Salishan 1992 Pinot Noir label
  • Tours: by appt.
  • Tasting room: 1-5 Sat, May-December, or by appt.
  • BW-WA-89; bonded 1982; first vintage 1976
  • Owners: Linc and Joan Wolverton
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Salishan 1980 Pinot label
Salishan Winery bldg
Grape cluster in Salishan Vineyard
View from Salishan Winery
Old label
Young grapes
View from winery
Newsletters: Spring 1999, Fall 1998, Fall 1997.
Production: 500-1000 cases/year
Vineyards: 11 acres

Linc Wolverton, while studying in Dijon France, noted the similarity in climate and terrain with his native WA. Upon return, he carefully analyzed and determined just the right spot for growing his winegrapes in Western WA, and purchased the land and planted 11 acres in 1971. Their first commercial release was in 1976 and was made from their grapes by Mike Wallace. Mike also made their 1977 release. The 1980 release was made (again from Salishan's grapes) by Ponzi Winery (Oregon). There was no 1981 release. Since 1982, the winemaker has been Joan Wolverton.

Distributed from the winery and a few Seattle wine stores.

Joan Wolverton
Joan Wolverton 1977-present
Mike Wallace 1976-1977

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