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Spring Valley Vineyard
Corkrum & Clodius Roads, Walla Walla, Washington USA
Phone: toll free 800-210-4194

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Production: 1000 cases (2001)
Vineyards: Spring Valley Vineyard -- Walla Walla Appellation
Distribution: ?

Since the late 1800's, the Corkrum family has been farming in Walla Walla (mostly wheat). In 1915, Uriah Corkrum bought the land now known as Spring Valley. Today, Uriah's granddaughter Shari Corkrum-Derby owns and runs the farm with her husband Dean Derby.

In 1991, they decided to diversify and plant winegrapes. The first planting was two acres of Merlot in 1993. In 2001 they have 34 acres in Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Their first crops (as of 1995) went to Walla Walla Vintners which made for lovely wines. Spurred on by this success, in 1999 they remodeled an old barn on the property into an estate winery.

The Wines:
As Spring Valley has an official website with detailed wine notes, I'll leave this section to them. Please visit the link (above) for current wine info.

Gordon Venneri & Myles Anderson
Gordon Venneri 1999-present,
Myles Anderson 1999-present

Of special note:
Open to the public for Open House, first weekend in May; Christmas Barrel tasting, the first weekend in December.

Spring Valley Vineyard wines are 100% Estate grown and Bottled.

The 1999 URIAH has been reviewed by Wine & Spirits Magazine (June 2000), receiving a score of 94.

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