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Waterbrook Winery
Rt. 1, Box 46, Lowden, WA 99360-9605
Phone: 509-522-1262

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Waterbrook 1988 Chardonnay label
Waterbrook grounds
Waterbrook storage warehouse
Waterbrook driveway
1988 Chard label
Winery grounds
Storage warehouse
Newsletters: Fall 1999, Spring 1998, Fall 1997 [Wine Club info].
Production: (1996) 25k cases
Vineyards: Cottonwood Creek Estate Vineyard (? Acres), some grapes purchased

Waterbrook Winery was started in 1984 by Eric and Janet Rindal as a family owned and operated winery. The name "Waterbrook" is derived from the translation of the Nez Perce phrase "Walla Walla", which means "running water". In 1992, they hired Brian Carlson as Production manager.

Cottonwood Creek Estate Vineyard was planted in April 1989 to provide the winery with some estate Chardonnay grapes.

They made a single one-time bottling of wine from Janet's brother's vineyard, named "Tryptic" released in 1999(?).

The Wines:
As Waterbrook has an official website with detailed wine notes, I'll leave this section to them. Please visit the link (above) for current wine info.

Previous releases: Spring 1998, Fall 1996

Eric Rindal
Brian Carlson (production manager) 1992-present
Eric Rindal 1984-present

Of special note:
Grapes are purchased from some of the Yakima and Columbia Valleys' finest and oldest vineyards. Close cooperation with growers is maintained throughout the year recognizing that long term relationships are absolutely essential to the making of consistently high quality wines.

Waterbrooks' goal for red wines has been to make softer fleshier wines for early enjoyment while still maintaining the wines depth and structure. Waterbrook Chardonnay has been listed in "The Wine Spectator" as one of the world's top fifty wine values. Every year new French oak is added and the costly, painstaking work of barrel fermentation continues.

Their challenge is to continue to produce wines that live up to the high expectations created by past success while slowly growing to meet some of the increased demand.

Annual events: Spring Open House (first two weekends in May); Holiday Barrel Tasting (first full weekend in December).

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