GDD-50 Horse Tales Vineyard (KWAOLYMP247), Olympia, WA

Year: 2017 2018 *2019 2020 *2021 *2022 2023 2024
Total: 2542 2206 805 1839 2029 1792 572 --
YTD:  1348  1096     0   772   940   635     0 0
'*' indicates a year with bad or missing data - numbers are artificially low.

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A) Data from 04/01/18 to 04/28/18 was interpolated from a nearby weather station (KWAOLYMP90) as the Davis Vantage Vue was not brought online on site until that date. By brief observation, that station was reading about 1 degree F higher for the days after the install so the data was rounded down and had 1 subtracted.

B) The same algorithm was used to fill in the data from 06/25/18 through 06/30/18.

C) Data for 2017 was recorded by a LabJack USB data logger. It's numbers seem to be dramatically higher than the subsequent Vantage Vue weather station, and nearby stations don't show a similar change between those two years, thus it seems appropriate to discount that years data.

D) Data for 2019 was very incomplete, no attempt has been made to interpolate.

E) Some data for 2020 was obviously bad, no attempt has been made to interpolate. As an example, there were summer days where the diurnal difference (nighttime low vs. daytime high) indicated less than a degree, even though in reality the temps were in the 50's vs. 80's range. Another example is that both the high and low for 26-Mar through 15-Apr was 52.3 - every 15 mins for 3 weeks, current, high, and low temps were unchanged.

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