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(This page is written in reverse chronological order so as to make it easier for the returning visitor. If you're reading this for the first time, you'll want to jump down to the end, then read it from the bottom up.)

afternoon 23-May-2004 (by Mike)

Some photos of Ellis' new daycare (Cherry Tree) class visiting the Butterfly House at the Seattle Science Center (late April):
Kids at a table on the ferry.
Kids ready to enter Butterfly House.
Ellis pointing.
Sarina explaining.
Just about to leave.

Some photos of Ellis' 4th birthday party (almost 3 months ago, early March) taken by my dad:
George & Lynn.
Buncha kids playing on the living room floor.
Kitchen counter.
Dining room table.
People in the living room.
Birthday cake.
Busy kids.
More food.

afternoon 06-Jan-2004 (by Mike)

New home on Bainbridge is working out wonderfully! The house itself isn't as cool as the old Craftsmen-style Green Lake house, but all the rest makes up for it.
It's been snowing steadily since early this morning. We walked over to our new neighbor Betsey's, and here's a photo of
Crossing the M & E tree farm in the snow.
Ellis feeding Betsey's horses.

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