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(This page is written in reverse chronological order so as to make it easier for the returning visitor. If you're reading this for the first time, you'll want to jump down to the end, then read it from the bottom up.)

afternoon 24-Dec-2003 (by Mike)

We're in the new home, still tripping over boxes everywhere, but mostly moved in. Here's Ellis running around the kitchen island with a space shuttle Christmas ornament, making whooshing noises and jabbering about his friends (from the old daycare in Seattle, sigh) taking turns flying it...
Space shuttle ornament

afternoon 28-Nov-2003 (by Mike)

Well this may seem kind of sudden, and yes, it was -- we're selling the Green Lake house and moving to Bainbridge Island! This was an unexpected opportunity to build a vineyard, while Beth and I keep the day-gigs in Seattle (to pay for it). (email me if you want the URL to webpage for the new house.)
Here's some photos we took today when visiting the house with a contractor to discuss some minor work before we move in.
Living room, Beth in kitchen
Master bedroom

afternoon 26-Oct-2003 (by Mike)

I just ran across an old picture of Ellis in his second car seat. It made me realize that this same car seat is sitting in the front hallway, about to go back to the consignment store -- time for a new "after" shot.
Early in 2nd car seat
Outgrown 2nd car seat

He wanted me to take a picture of him on his favorite tractor toy too.

afternoon 17-Aug-2003 (by Mike)

Ok, we're two thirds of the way through 2003, and I'm adding the first entry of the year -- all I can plead is "busy"... I won't try to catch up now, just some recent things. By the way, part of the problem is that our digital camera got clobbered, so we're back to the old way...)

Ellis best friend Andrew was in town briefly: Ellis hugging best friend Andrew.

Recently, Ellis' favorite book character came to town -- Thomas The Tank Engine. Thomas visits the Railway Museum in the town of Snoqualmie each summer. We had a nice ride through some lovely scenery, and took pictures with Thomas.
(Ellis really wanted me to include this picture) Playing with a Thomas Tomy track
Ellis showing off his temporary Thomas tattoo
Mike, Beth, Ellis and Thomas
Train ride
With Sir Tophamm Hatt

Also, my sister Evelyn came to town from their home in Colorada with her daughters Katherine and Elizabeth for a few days.
Soccer in the driveway at Mom & Dad's
Family at & Dad's
Another of the Family at Mom & Dad's

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