Art Pepper Discography - Session - 19-Jan-1957

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Musicians: Red Garland (p), Paul Chambers (b), Philly Joe Jones (d)
19-Jan-1957Hollywood, CA, US
1Birk's WorksContemporary C3532, S7018, (j) GXC 3101, S7532, Vogue (E) LAC12066
2Imaginationsame issues
3Jazz Me Bluessame issues
4Red Pepper Bluessame issues
5Straight Lifesame issues
6Tin Tin Deosame issues
7Waltz Me Bluessame issues
8Star EyesContemporary C3532, S7018, S7532, Vogue (E) LAC12066, EPC1232
9You'd Be So Nice To Come Home ToContemporary C3532, S7018, S7532, EPC1232
10The Man I LoveContemporary S7630, (j) LAX 3131, Contemporary OJC-389

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