Art Pepper - Sessionography - 22-Feb-1960

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Al Porcino, Stu Williamson, Jack Sheldon (tp), Frank Rosolino (tb), Bill Perkins (ts), Art Pepper (as), Med Flory (bar), Bill Pitman (g), Jimmy Rowles (p), Mel Lewis (d), strings, Linda Lawson (vo), Marty Paich (arr)
22,26-Feb-1960, 04-Mar-1960Hollywood, CA, USChancellor CHL/CHLS-5010Linda Lawson
??Are You With Me
??Where Flamingos Fly(solo)
??But Beautiful
??Me and My Shadow
??You Don't Know What Love Is(oblig. & coda)
??Easy to Love
??Meaning of the Blues(oblig., interlude & coda)
??Mood Indigo
??Like Young
??Make the Man Love Me
??Up Pops Love

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