Art Pepper Discography - Quincy Jones - This is How I Feel About Jazz

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Most all I know of this disk is from a "Yahoo shopping" webpage which includes an AMG review. My local NPR jazz DJ (Abe Beeson on KPLU) just played the tune "Dancin' Pants" which he said has Art Pepper on it -- sure did sound like it to me.
Appears to be in Selbert as "Quincy Jones And His Orchestra", 25-Feb-1957. ABC LP186, HMV (E) CLP1157, Hollywood.
Selbert lists the three below in the comments field -- this only means that Art did not solo on any other tracks from this session -- it does NOT indicate that he did not play on any of the others. Additionally, according to the review, this disk is cobbled together from multiple sessions, so I can't say for sure if any of the other tracks have Art Pepper present.
Selbert lists the personnel as: Art Pepper, Benny Carter, Herb Geller, Charlie Mariano (as); Lou Levy (p); Red Mitchell (b); Shelley Manne (d); Jimmy Giuffre, Lennie Niehaus (a).
The disk lists the following personnel (beyond those listed above), but I cannot say if they are present on any of the tunes with Art Pepper until I get the disk myself: Lucky Thompson (ts), Phil Woods (as), Art Farmer (tpt).
The review implies that Art is only on 3 tracks, and mentions that three pieces with a trumpet section were omitted. However, this disk boasts "bonus tracks", which could replace those 3 omitted tracks...
Found writeup on a Micheal Cuscuna re-release -- yes! Originally released as Quincy's "This is how..." (ABC 149), and as part of Quincy's "Go West, Man" (ABC 186).
This lists additional personnel: Gene Quill (as); Buddy Collette, Bill Perkins, Walter Benton, Bunny Bardach, Zoot Simms (ts); Pepper Adams, Jack Nimitz (bs); Ernie Glow, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder (tpt); Jimmy Cleveland, Urbie Green, Frank Rehak (tb); Herbie Mann, Jerome Richardson (flute, ts); Hank Jones, Billy Taylor, Lou Levy, Carl Perkins (pno); Charles Mingus, Paul CHambers, Red Mitchell, Leroy Vinnegar (bass); Charlie Persip (dms); Milt Jackson (vibes).
The original disk had only 6 tracks, they're included in the comments with a number indicating track order on that disk and an "*". The "Go West, Man" disk had all tracks plus a few others. It's are indicated with "**".

Walkin'*1, **1
Stockholm Sweetnin'*4, **2
Evening In Paris*5, **3
Sermonette*3, **4
Sleepin' Bee*2, **5
Boo's Bloos*6, **6
Dancin' PantsSelbert: aJG (1st solo), **7
Be My GuestSelbert: aLN (3rd solo), **12
King's Road BluesSelbert: aLN (4th solo), **15
Bright Moon**9
Oom Is Blues**11
Ballad Medley: What's New/We'll Be Together Again/Time On My Hands/You Go To My Head**13

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