Art Pepper Discography - Two Altos

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Band: Art PepperTitle: Two Altos
Label: Savoy JazzDisk #: SV-0161Disk copyright: Savoy Jazz 1992
* Jack Montrose (tenor sax), Claude Williamson (p), Monte Budwig (b), Paul Ballerina (d)
Session: * 25-Aug-1954
13:57*Deep PurpleD6303-2 (Note 1: D6303-1?)
29:30Watkins ProductionSonny Redd -- not Art Pepper
** Russ Freeman (p), Bob Whitlock (b), Bobby White (d)
Session: 08-Oct-1952
33:06**Everything Happens To MeD6060-4
49:09Redd's HeadSonny Redd -- not Art Pepper
*** Hampton Hawes (p), Joe Mondragon (b), Larry Bunker (d)
Session: 04-Mar-1952
52:39***These Foolish ThingsD6002-4
63:25*What's NewD6305-3
Note 1: There is disagreement about this take number. Click session link for details.

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