MikeL's FreeBSD howto - 5.4 install problems

Sorry, no time to do this right -- just throwing in some gross notes to help jog my memory if I find myself stuck here again...

'suidperl' not there
install perl from ports collection, use 'make -DENABLE_SUIDPERL'
change shebang syntax in suidperl script to call perl which will now do the right thing by itself.

named reload gives permission denied error
use rndc-confgen, and update rndc.conf file to include the newly generated rndc.key file.
Copy the rndc.key info into named.conf, right at the beginning, outside of any section as a standalone "key" section.

apache problems:
cd /usr/local/etc/
ln -s apache21 apache
(By the way, don't forget 'apachectl configtest')
Ignore the "httpready" accept filter error: http://www.mail-archive.com/dev@httpd.apache.org/msg24221.html
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