MikeL's FreeBSD howto - Change IP address

(Page last updated 29-Feb-2024)

Most important - don't forget to bring your card key when you go to the co-lo site!

This page was created when I physically moved my FreeBSD server from a lower-speed DSL connection in my home, to a high-speed data center co-location service. The assumption is that the box will be locked in a closet once configured, accessible only via the Intenet/ssh. This included new internet/DNS configurations.

We're assuming we're simply moving the machine from one IP address to another, and changing it's name at the same time. We are NOT changing the domain, only the server name within the domain. Basically just a different IP.

However, the page has since been updated to handle basically the same move as above, but now from an existing "almost" twin to the co-lo, meaning a name change as well.

I'm choosing to change the name as I already have a name for that co-lo address established in DNS. The idea is to minimize the downtime during the move. I have a secondary, newer machine, which has been configured as a twin of the primary, but with the latest software, and a different subdomain name. I'll be moving this secondary to the co-lo, and once it's all happy, then change it over to being the primary, thus minimal interuption.

A few days before making the move:

Before shutting down the machine for the actual move, you'll want to do the following (be sure to allocate some time for all this):
  • shutdown -h now
    and move the box.

  • Once the box has been moved, on site, try a remote 'ssh' in -- if you've gotten things correct in the previous steps, you're done enough to go home and work remotely.

    However, if things don't go perfectly... through a monitor and keyboard at the console:

    Now that the box has been moved, and is up, and is remotely accessible, you can lock up the box in the closet, and go somewhere more comfortable to do the remaining work: A few days later, after the dust has settled:
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