MikeL's FreeBSD howto - Change IP address

(Page last updated 23-Feb-2007)

This is basically a checklist of how to change your machine's IP address. The intent is not to cover everything in detail, merely to point you to each of the tasks that must be performed.

This list was created when I physically moved my FreeBSD server from a lower-speed connection to a high-speed data center co-location service. The assumption is that the box will be locked in a closet once configured, accessible only via the Intenet/ssh.

Don't forget to to have your upstream provider update the reverse DNS name of your IP address! If you're on a DSL or some such, by default this name probably indicates that you are a dialup, which will be blocked by many mail servers.

A few days before making the move:

Once the box has been moved: Now that the box has been moved, and is up, you can lock up the box in the closet, and go somewhere more comfortable to do the remaining work: A few days later, after the dust has settled: Please note! restarting 'named' appears to rewite your /etc/resolv.conf file.
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