MikeL's FreeBSD howto - 12.4 install

A week or so ago, I did a freebsd-update and pkg upgrade on my 12.1 system. I then tried freebsd-update -upgrade to 13.1. Somewhere in there, I managed to kill it. Someone please remind again why I think I love FreeBSD?

I had problems where ld-elf.so.1 gave some bizarre errors. I tried copying an old one from my twin 12.1 system, but that didn't help. I tried flashing USB memory stick to 13.1 and installing from that, still no good.

In the end, I gave up 13.1, and reinstalled 12.1, reflashing/booting the USB memory stick. I managed to get a running system again, then tried freebsd-update path to upgrade to 12.2, with the intent to go to 12.3 then 12.4. Once again, problems, problems, problems.

I then reflashed the memory stick to 12.4, and boot/installed from that. BTW: all of these times I preserved the existing disk configuration. This has me now running 12.4-RELEASE successfully, yay! Note that 12.4 EOL is 31-Dec-2023, and 14.1 is scheduled for July 2023. I'll plan on skipping 13 entirely.

Things to note:

I had a heckuva time getting ssh to work. I thought the firewall was blocking it. I did ipfw disable firewall which blocked everything, it defaults to block everything! I did sh /etc/rc.firewall OPEN. I could see it doing the "SIMPLE" rule. I commented this out in rc.conf and I still got "SIMPLE", so I changed to "OPEN" - looks like you can't provide it at command line. This allowed it to work, so I knew it was the firewall.

I eventually found that I had fat-fingered the sshd_flags="-o UseBlacklist=yes" options to sshd in rc.conf -- man did I feel like an idiot! Just doing a ps ax | grep sshd would have helped me figure that out.

However, I didn't know this had fixed it, as I was trying via 'putty' on in in-house client -- INTERNAL NETWORK "192.168.0.x". When I suddenly had the brilliant idea to try from my external co-lo'd twin server, that worked fine. Interesting though, ftp from in-house client DID work. I had not brought up the internal network in rc.conf.

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