MIKE LEMPRIERE (206) 200-5902

e-mail: mike at VINTNERS.NET url: http://vintners.net/~mikel/




Apply my extensive networking background to build important and useful Internet systems. Ideally Id work on middleware at the web server level in a small team.






Perl & Unix shell scripting

MS VBScript





Unix & X (FreeBSD)

MS NT & Windows

OS/2 & PM






Digital Alpha

Sun Sparc

Data General (DG)





TCP/IP sockets



Other Skills

Digital electronics

Computer interface


Technical document reviewer


Intuitive grasp of programming process

High standards for quality and usability

Goal oriented and delivers the product






Website development, hosting and maintenance

Spam fighting on a commercial scale; use and publish RBLs, parsing email, management via web

Management of network equipment

Software selection, configuration, maintenance and upgrades

e-commerce specialty shopping cart for wine shipment

Web interface for user interactions and system administration of Cisco Unity voicemail product



Network monitoring and control package for a statewide network of DG superminis

Portswitch logging and setup programs, designed/implemented location information API

Network monitoring for cluster failover testing

Installation, configuration, and management of campus-wide portswitch

Client/Server interfacing multi-vendor compatibility issues



OS/2 PM GUI for controlling multiple newspaper inserters via TCP/IP

Newspaper production system paper flow totalizer using PM and DDE

Home monitor and control system, including heating, door/window sensors, power consumption,

infrared remote control of consumer electronic gear

Hardware interface for medical ultrasound equipment with Apple II



Code portability/reusability/maintainability

Cross platform porting (Unix/X to MS-DOS/Windows)

File fetch from legacy VAX DB to upload into NT SQL database

System administration work, especially backup procedures

MS Windows setup toolkit for product installation/setup/configuration

Cross-platform makefiles to facilitate product builds

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Founder 09/97 - present

Vintners.Net, Seattle WA

Started and run my own company where I manage complete Internet services for small businesses. I configure and maintain FreeBSD systems to provide full service website hosting and design. I developed and sell use of a customized shopping cart for online wine sales which requires knowledge of all aspects of the Internet, including DNS, domains, TCP/IP, HTML, HTTP, CGI, SMTP & sendmail, Perl, Apache, and JavaScript. Built spam management package which accepts spam email forwarded by customers, parses it for URLs and mail headers, then adds to local realtime block lists (RBLs), nominates to commercial RBLs, and looks up against other RBLs. I deal with all facets of sole proprietorship including advertising, billing, and records management.


Software Engineer 11/99 08/06

Active Voice/Cisco Systems, Inc., Seattle WA

Developer for the administrative and personal user interface for the Unity Voicemail product. The base application is written in MS VBScript in MS ASP, running under MS IIS, that emits HTML and JavaScript to the client. The backend is a COM+ interface to many varied interfaces involved in telephony, including MS SQL, the NT System Registry, and many custom COM objects. Also worked on a team which replaced this mechanism with a Java/TomCat application for the personal interface.



Software Engineer 03/96 09/99

Digital Equipment Corp./Compaq, Redmond WA

Performed Digital Unix filesystem internals work; bug fixes in kernel file I/O routines, eliminated system panics, and added new features. Brought utilities into compliance with X/Open standards and made filesystem changes for scalability. Moved to Windows NT group, worked on clustering product, which provides system failover capability, particularly making the product network failure aware.


Software Engineer 10/94 - 02/96

Sheridan Systems, a division of AM Graphics, Inc., Kirkland WA

Developer and build engineer for "totalizer" system using OS/2 PM and DDE taking input from varied equipment via TCP/IP. Worked on interface to Symbologic hand-held barcode scanner for warehouse pallet tracking and interface that controlled cart loading and newspaper bundle distribution equipment.


Software Engineer 10/92 - 10/94

Networx/Legent, Inc. Bellevue WA

Built utilities to aid in porting, focusing on build; ported UI to HP/UX and to MS-DOS/Windows.


Software Engineer 10/88 - 10/92

Applied Voice Technology, Inc., Kirkland WA

Worked on PC based voice mail system in C++ on OS/2, and implemented "dongle"-based security. Screen development, remote terminal support, DB reconciliation, and process monitoring tasks.


Previous to 1988, positions included:

Tech Aide I, Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, Seattle WA, 03/87 - 10/88

Computer Analyst/Programmer I, State of WA Data Processing Svc. #3, Olympia WA, 06/85 - 04/86

Checkout Technician, D. E. Hokanson Inc., Issaquah, WA, 02/78 - 09/82




The Evergreen State College, Bachelor of Science, Computer software and electronics, 1985

North Seattle Community College, Electronics, 1978-1980