Mike & Beth's wedding page

This is the story of Mike Lempriere and Beth Schoenberg's first wedding...

Mike and Beth met when attending The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, USA. Mike first knew Beth as the really cute young woman who worked at the Information desk in the CAB building on campus -- 1983. Beth met Mike through a friend who spent time at Computer Services, the place where Mike spent pretty much all his time in college.

In 1986 Mike and Beth graduated and moved in together to a small apartment near Broadway in Seattle. Very quickly they realized that a solid lifetime partnership had evolved, and that their was no turning back. Jokes were made by both about getting married, but the answer was always "why bother"?

In late 1989, one of the joking "should we get married?" actually got an "Ok" answer -- neither of us remembers who asked whom...

We decided to make the wedding itself be as easy as possible for us. In Spring 1990, we went to downtown Seattle one day and filled out the paperwork together, and made an appointment to be married by the judge at the courthouse at Friday Harbor on San Juan island. We also made several Bed & Breakfast reservations in the islands for the honeymoon.

On 15-Aug-1990, we were both dressed casually, in shorts and dinner jackets purchased for under $10 at Value Village just for the event. The ceremony went simply and briefly -- Mike broke out laughing and we had to restart -- twice! Mike's camera was held by one of the clerical folks there, who took several photos -- but guess what? There was no film in the camera!

We have the one official wedding photo, taken at the B&B shortly after the ceremony.

After the honeymoon (several B&B's and a good dousing in the rain in the tent at a state park) we returned home, and told our parents.

We also held a party at our home (at this point in Bothell) for our friends and family.