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Thanks for your interest in's website hosting!

(Independent website contractors, please visit the website design rates page.)

Please start by reading the page about my approach to this business, which includes a general explanation of the Policies and Services I will and will not be offering. For detailed Explanations of Terms, click here, or on a specific term below. For explanations of the generous Limits, click here. Click here for comparison to other services.

We are also now offering simple Domain name hosting with mail forwarding only. If you're not ready to invest in a complete website, but wish to reserve your domain name before someone else gets it, click here. We may also be able to accomodate other Special Services.

For service, questions or estimates, contact us

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In brief, our rates are very inexpensive:

Basic Website with domain name: $10 monthly
Discount: Basic Website 1 year contract: $110 yearly
Domain Name redirection: $5 monthly
Additional domain Name: $5 monthly

Optional/additional services
Additional user/POP3 mailbox: $2.50 monthly
Discount: Additional user/POP3 mailbox 1 year contract: $27.50 yearly

Setup (you provide html): $40 once

Rates last updated 20-Jul-1999

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