Vintners.Net Customer Account backup policy
(Page last updated: 27-Dec-2002)

Nightly backups:
All customer accounts are backed up automatically to another computer every night, starting about 1am. This backup is in the form of a Unix 'tar' file, and is simply copied to a different machine inside of the Vintners.Net firewall. This will prevent loss of data in event of a catastrophic system failure of the main Vintners.Net website machine. A full backup is performed on the 1st and 15th, incrementals (new/changed files) on other days.

These backups are kept for 10 days -- at any moment the previous 10 days worth of backups are available. Each file is deleted and can never be retrieved after the 10th day. Customers may request retrieval of files from these backups any time within that 10 day period by email or phone call. If you know you'll need files from a backup but the expiration is approaching, be sure to contact Vintners.Net ASAP so that particular file can be kept aside.

Quarterly backups:
On each calendar quarter, the final nightly backup of the previous quarter (01-Jan, 01-Apr, 01-Jul, 01-Oct) is copied elsewheres. These will be maintained for 1 year.

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