"spam" -- false spam
(Page last updated: 23-Nov-2003)

Email "spam" (AKA "UCE" Unsolicited Commercial Email) will not be tolerated incoming or outgoing at

Unfortunately, as Vintners.Net has had various email addresses on public webpages since 1998, we have found ourselves getting a lot of spam.

Almost all of our limited engineering time at is spent fighting spam -- we hate it too.

We've recently had a slap in the face by the most annoying sort of creep on the Internet -- apparently a spam has been sent purporting to be from a Vintners.Net customer.

This spam email is entirely falsified. This customer does not even have the capability to send masses of spam as they are located in an agricultural area and connect to the Internet via AOL on a 56kb modem, that seldom gets even 32kb.

If you look at the "Received:" headers in the mail you will see that the spam did not come through, or through Vintners.Net.

Please see our Spam Management page for additional information.