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Today's pile of plants, 15-Aug-1999...

New plants this week:

Hops (Humulus, probably variety "Centenial")

This week's plant was another hop plant, the plant used in making beer. It may also be "Saaz", or "Tettnager". I apologize for losing track, my wife pulled them out without realizing I intended to label them for the curbside giveaways. This is probably the rightmost plant visible in the photo.

More info on hops for last week Golden Hop.

unknown tree
{sorry, no photo yet}
There was also a somewhat spindly small tree this week. We have no idea what is was, it was a tiny start when we bought the house four years ago, but this year it suddenly became much too large for the small space it was growing in. If you ever figure out what it is, feel free to send me email and let me know!

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