Free plants at Curbside 30-May-1999

Here's the photos and descriptions of the plants put out at curbside on 30-May-1999.
This page is for reference, there may no longer be any of these left.

This week I put out more of most of the same plants as 26-May-1999 minus the Bear's Breeches. There were also some new ones:

Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

Tall and wiry, with deep rich blueish-purple flower clusters -- similar to a lilac, but flowers late summer. Best along a fence or something that will support it. After it's done flowering, cut it way back -- it'll grow with surprising speed, and will reward you with many more flowers the next year. If you don't cut it back, it'll get leggy and weak and not flower well.
May reach 12' tall, doesn't need a lot of ground space.

{blue skinny thing in front of red azalea in photo.}

The soft white bulbs piled up are Bluebells. They flower in April in light-blue or white, occasionally with some streaks for color. The leaves are long and soft in a deep green. It's one of the earliest plants to come up in the garden each year, thus is quite welcome!
Naturalizes wonderfully; a single bulb will generate many more bulbs, so a few small plantings will eventually become large clumps. Simply pull off the entire top of the plant after flowering and forget about it until next year. Every few years, dig up bulbs (which will have grown to very large clusters) and thin them out. Plants grow to up to about 18", will come up in shade or sun equally well.

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