Free plants at Curbside -- Mailing

I've had quite a few people email me requesting that I mail them plants.

As part of ongoing garden maintenance, some plants need to be "divided" occasionally (like Irises), and some just throw up whole new plants ("volunteers") almost as if they were weeds (like Chives). Most people just chuck these scraps into the compost heap and be done with it -- I take the trouble to drop them in an old leftover pot and put it on the street and put a photo on my webpage.

Now, please, think for a moment about what you're asking when you ask me to mail you some of them. Remember that I'm just another computer programmer with a day gig that happens to take his garden seriously and has a complete inability to discard anything that's still good <grin!>...

Have I convinced you yet? Any one of these items is sufficient for me to say NO, let alone all taken together. If you're not in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood and able to stop by to pick them up, I'm sorry but you're out of luck. I truly appreciate your having stopped by my website and I truly hope you enjoyed your time spent reading it. Thank you!
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