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Badger Mountain Vineyard/Powers Winery
1106 Jurupa, Kennewick WA 99338
Phone: 800-643-WINE

Powers 1991 Cab-Merlot label
[Label source: Beth Schoenberg]
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TCWA member winery
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Badger Mt.
95 Seve label
Badger Mt.
95 Merlot label
Badger Mt. tasting
room building
Powers Cab Sauv. 1994 label
Production: (1998) 30kcases, (1996) 42kcases, (1995) 22kcases, (1994) 10kcases, (1993) 7kcases
Vineyards: 80 acres, some contracted for Powers label

The vineyard was planted in 1982 and in 1987 entered the Washington State certified organic program. In 1988 the winery was built at it's current site in Kennewick. A year round tasting room was added in Fall 1995.

In 1982 Rob Griffin was hired as consultant with Greg Powers making the wines. Rob's Barnard Griffin wines were produced at the Badger Mountain facility until he completed his own winery nearby.

The vineyards are comprised of:

Acres	Planted	Varietal
35	1983	Chardonnay
10	1982	Riesling
10	1983	Semillon
10	1983	Chenin Blanc
10	1982	Gewurztraminer (removed 1996)
10	1996	Cabernet Sauvignon
3	1988	Cabernet Franc
2	1992	Merlot

Sources: [?]
The Wines: Current releases (Fall 2000)
  • Badger Mountain Chardonnay
  • Badger Mountain Chardonnay - No sulphites added
  • Badger Mountain Seve' [Semillon/Chenin]
  • Badger Mountain Johannisberg Riesling
  • Powers Chardonnay
  • Powers Fume' Blanc
  • Badger Mountain Cabernet Franc
  • Badger Mountain Cabernet Franc-Merlot
  • Badger Mountain Merlot
  • Badger Mountain Merlot - No Sulphites added
  • Badger Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Badger Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon - No Sulphites added
  • Powers Pinot Noir
  • Powers Merlot
  • Powers Cabernet Merlot
  • Powers Lemberger
  • Powers Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Powers Mercer Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Powers Muscat Canellie [dessert wine]
  • Powers Port [Fortified red dessert wine]
Previous releases: Spring 1997, Spring 1996.

Greg Powers 1992-present
Rob Griffin (Consulting winemaker) 1992-present

Of special note:
1996 Bill Powers named Grower of the year by Washington Wine Grape Growers
1997 Wine Spectator Magazine calls Powers Winery a "rising star".
1999 Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Powers Winery one of the top 50 U.S. Cabernet Sauvignon Producers
2000 Wine Spectator Magazine picks Powers 1997 Merlot as a "Best Value from Washington Wines"

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