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Cadence Winery
432 Yale Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-381-9507, Fax: 206-860-9906

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Cadence 1999 Red
Table Wine Reserve label
1999 Red Table Wine
Reserve label
Newsletters: July 2001 (.pdf 19kb).
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Production: (1998) 625 cases, (1999) 900 cases
Vineyards: contracting with Tapteil and Ciel du Cheval on Red Mountain, and with Spring Valley Vineyard in Walla Walla. 10.5 acres of estate vineyard on Red Mountain to be planted in the near future.
Distribution: Self; expected: McCarthy & Schiering and Pike & Western.

Ben has been a mechanical engineer at Boeing since 1986. He started making beer at home in 1991, and enjoyed it, but was a bit diappointed with the results. The following year he tried his hand at making wine, and had much better results! He continued on his own until 1995, and joined the Boeing Employees Amateur Winemaking Club. Starting in 1994, and until starting his own winery, he worked with Chris Carmda of Andrew Will in order to learn more about the trade. He's also taken U.C.Davis Short Courses. Some of these earlier efforts must've been pretty good, as he took home top awards from the Boeing Wine Club and the Monroe Fair judgings between 1994 and 1996.

Gaye and Ben met at a party of mutual friends in 1993 and have been together since. They decided to go into this venture together and share all duties of the winery -- Ben may be the figurehead, but Gaye is right there for every part of it!

The Wines: Current releases (Fall 1999)
  • The 1998 Tapteil blend -- release May-2000
    is 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, from Tapteil Vineyard Red Mountain, near Benton City. The wine is nearly half Cabernet Sauvignon, equal portions Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and 5% Petit Verdot. It was aged in 30% new Oregon oak. Tannic, dark and powerful, the wine is meant to lay down for several years.
  • The 1998 Spring Valley Vineyard blend -- release May-2000
    is unique in featuring 17% Petit Verdot in the blend, with 70% Merlot and 13% Cabernet Franc. The wine is inky, concentrated and filled with black fruit and spice flavors, yet will be approachable on release.
  • 1999 Ciel du Cheval blend -- release 2001
    is planned.

Benjamin L. Smith 1998-present

Of special note:
They plan a yearly release party in May.

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